Morgan Toney’s tune sets

The Miller Of Drone.

T: The Miller Of Drone
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|(3AcB |A>F F<A E>F E>C|(3A,A,A, A>c B2 (3BcB|A>F F<A E>2F E>2C|D>F E<G A2 (3AcB|A>F F<A E>F E>C|
(3A,A,A, A,>c B2 (3Bcd|e>B c<G A>E F>C|D>F E<G A2 (3Acd|e>c e<a e>e f/e/d/c/|e>c e<a f2 (3fga|
e>c e<a e>e f/e/d/c/ |d>B c<A F2 (3Acd |e>c e<a e>e f/e/d/c/ |e>f a<=g f>e f>^g|(3agf (3efg (3aed (3cBA|(3dcB (3cBA (3Bfe (3dcB|