Henry Ford

Northumbrian piper, whistle, clarinets, playing mainly Irish, Shetland, our own tunes, and old northumbrian stuff. Part of a 4 piece band out of Bath/ Bristol/Wells (Sulis: fiddle, melodion, concertina, bouzouki, mandolin Bodhran, bones, washboard) doing ceilidhs, and local pubs and festivals (including Band Stand, Glastonbury). Interested in odd tunes.
Play on Tuesdays down the Star in Bath, and usually Friday nights down the Porter Butt.

Band web site
Just a holding page at the moment

CD - Figures in a Landscape 2004

and there’s something at

I will improve these sites as I find out about things.

And for those interested, sadly, my name does not come with the fortune that you might associate with it.

Damn it.