mmccarrel’s tune sets

The Rakes Of Cashel, Corporal AB, The Yellow Tinker, Brucie And The Troopers.

T: The Rakes Of Cashel
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:G2g gdg|gdg fdc|B2g abg|fdd cAF|
G2g gdg|gdg fdc|B2b abg|1 fdd cAF:|2 fdd cAF||
|:~B3 cBc|d2g gfa|~B3 cBc|ded cAF|
~B3 cBc|d2g gfe|fdd ecc|1 dBB cAA:|2 fdf cAF||
|:~B3 GDG|G2g gdc|~B3 GDG|GBd cAF|
~B3 GDG|GBd gfe|fdd ecc|1 dBB cAA:|2 fdf cAF||
|:G2g abg|abg fdc|B2g abg|fdd cAF|
G2g abg|abg g2e|fdd ecc|1 dBB cAA:|2 fdf cAF||
|:BFF cFF|dFF Bdg|BFF cFF|ded cAF|
BFF cFF|dFF gfe|fdd ecc|1 dBB cAA:|2 gfd cAF||
T: Corporal AB
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:GFE|G3 d3|cdc AGF|(G6|G3) GFD|
G3 d3|gfg fdc|(d6|d3) dcA|
dcd g3|aga f2d|cAc cd=e|f=ed c2A|
d3 dcB|AcB AGF|G2d cAF|(G6|G3):|
z2A|B2d dBB|fBg fdB|bBg fdB|AFF F2A|
B2c dBB|fBg fga|bag agf|(g3g2) a|
bgb afa|g=eg f3|BAB dcB|AFF F2D|
GFG BAB|cBc d3|Bcd cAF|(G6|G3)||
T: The Yellow Tinker
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmix
DG~G2 DFCF|DG~G2 dGBG|DG~G2 DF~F2|1 cAFA c2FE:|2 cAFA c2Bc||
dG~G2 dGBc|dg~g2 fdcA|dG~G2 dGBd|cA=FA c2Bc|
dG~G2 dGBc|dg~g2 ^fgag|f2de f2de|fgag fdcA||
d2BG (3Bcd BG|(3Bcd BG c2Bc|d2BG (3ABc de|fdcA FGAc|
d2BG (3Bcd BG|(3Bcd BG c2Bc|~d3e ~f3d|cAFA G3F||
T: Brucie And The Troopers
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dB ~B2 ABGA|Bded BAAe|dB ~B2 ABGA|Bdgd BGGe|
dB ~B2 ABGA|Bded BAAe|dBde gage|dBGB AGGe:|
g2 gd eged|dB ~B2 ABGf|g2 gd eged|eaag agef|
g2 gd eged|dB ~B2 ABGB|dB ~B2 ABGA|Bdgf g2 gd:|