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One tune setting, and one comment.

  • Re: Recommendations for Irish fiddle music books

    The Matt Cranitch book seems to be the best shout for someone coming to the music already able to play. She doesn’t really need a book of tunes so much - the internet and her ears will sort her out on that front in the long run - but the idiom is what…

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  • Tripping Up The Stairs jig
    X: 2
    T: Tripping Up The Stairs
    R: jig
    M: 6/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Dmaj
    |:FAA GBB|FAd fed|cBc ABc|dfe dAG|
    FAA GBB|FAd fed|c2c ABc|dfe d2A:|
    dBB fBB|dBB fed|cAA eAA|efe edc|
    dBB fBB|fgf fed|cBc ABc|dfe d3:|
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