Rupert Kirby

tunebook 31 tunes.

Fiddle mainly, but guitar , vocals and most instruments apart from those you squeeze! Just moved in to Somerset from North Devon, so keen to get more involved in the Taunton area music scene.

Rupert Kirby has worked as a primary and middle schoolteacher in North Devon and West Somerset, where he has been active in developing youth music, writing for different instrumental groups. A keen folk singer and instrumentalist, he has performed with Maritime folk groups and led traditional carols for a decade or so with the Exmoor Carolers.

More recently he took a break from the classroom to work as a lorry driver, delivering building materials. In the enforced lunch breaks that go with the laws on driving hours he has been writing a series of folk style fiddle tunes aptly named “The Lorry Driver’s Lunch” which can be found in raw form on his YouTube channel! There are nearly four hundred of them! (

(rupert654 on insta, Some on FB. Mr .Kirby on Youtube.)

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

And now book 6 is out!

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I play fiddle, guitar, Northumbrian Pipes, mandolin, whistles, lap harp, bodhran, keyboards, flute, banjo, uke and clarinet, the list goes on, but to very varied levels of ability, and I sing a bit too!

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