Rupert Kirby

tunebook 31 tunes.

Fiddle mainly, but guitar , vocals and most instruments apart from those you squeeze!

I still enjoy a good music session though and have some traditional tunes up on the dreaded YouTube and Soundcloud. I like writing my own tunes and many can be found with #lorrydriverslunchseries as they were written during tachometer breaks on the lorry and then recorded on fiddle when I got home. (rupert654 on insta, Some on FB. Mr .Kirby on Youtube.) and

I’m living in North Devon, UK and was until recently working as a lorry driver operating a lorry mounted crane to deliver building materials. In a past life I was a teacher, both primary and secondary, and became Assistant Director of Somerset Music before eventually falling out big time with the government’s policies on education and leaving the profession! I returned to teaching briefly in September, and have been working in a first school and a middle school. Future plans are to get more involved in instrumental teaching and performance.

I play fiddle, guitar, Northumbrian Pipes, mandolin, whistles, lap harp, bodhran, keyboards, flute, banjo, uke and clarinet, the list goes on, but to very varied levels of ability, and I sing a bit too!

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