Peter Berner

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From Kyabram, Victoria, Australia. Currently playing Scandalli Pollifonico X, p/accordion, only ITM.

Been a muso all my life (never had a music teacher though), ‘specially since turning 18 (got driver’s licence) and went out with a couple of others and played old-time dance music, I played piano and sax. A decade later learned how to play AND sing at the same time (self accompaniment) and moved into pubs, clubs and wedding receptions. Haven’t played anything much for the last 20 yrs, but picked up a piano accordion a year ago (2017), started playing Irish Trad Music in Jan 2018. I’m on my way - love it (once I got me head around 6/8 on the accordion).
There’s a little nearby community called Girgarre that was devastated in the early 2000’s drought and they got together and formed a social venture to help local morale. IT HAS GROWN into one of our largest acoustic music festivals, the GIRGARRE MOOSIC MUSTER (4 days, January every year), with the primary aim of providing beginners, of ANY age, the opportunity to learn to play acoustic instruments like Ukelele, Guitar, Banjo, Violin, Bass, Mandolin, Whistle, Flute, Accordion, Recorder, Harmonica etc., in fact anything that one can carry.
That led to what is called the ‘Jigarre Jam’, held on the 4th Saturday each month, again extremely inclusive and people come from all over, to pack the local hall to learn and play music together. SENSATIONAL.
I came by this site by accident, and I am thrilled about it. Love it!