tunebook 9 tunes.

am from Franklin Louisiana, cajun country. don’t play cajun music though. have played a fair amount of old time, but pretty much play irish, anymore. enough there to last a lifetime of fiddle study,,,

played guitar for 53 years, electric mostly. piano at 8 or 9 years old, guitar at 13, cornet at 11. started fiddle in 1992, and picked up mandolin and tenor banjo to help with fingering, at time. play harp(some) and hurdy gurdy too. read pretty well, for fiddle, anyway. just have my fiddle, acoustic and electric guitars, as well as a harp, and a sarod, saz, oud that needs repairing, etc. don’t have a banjo, 5 string or 4, at moment, nor a mandolin,,,octave or regular. I also have keyboards, but they are electric, and synthesizers,,,fairly nice ones, very handy,,,

have had a fair amount of experience playing in different settings. now, I just play by myself, and am very well equipped for recording. I’ve done alot of that, though not in recent years,,,

live in a small town, so not much opportunity here to play out. I’m happy playing by myself, at moment,,,