tunebook 134 tunes.

Hi! I am Joseph from North London, I’m 23, I play fiddle and whistle (and trumpet, but let’s not mention that), and I am currently at Kings College, London doing an MA in Jewish Studies. Extremely relevant to Irish music, I know, but I try not to let it take over my life too much…

I am a diehard member of that notorious religion known as ‘Folkworks’. Their summer school is where I first got into folk music, where I learnt most of what I know, and where I have made many of, and some of my best, friends. Yeah, I am a Folkworks kid. The music I play is generally a reflection of that: broad mix of Irish, Scottish and English, with a little bit of an emphasis on the Northumbrian, and a dash of Scandi thrown in for good measure. I play more Irish than most Folkworks kids though, and also some Jewish music, due to my illustrious Irish/Jewish background. I must either shamefully admit or brazenly declare (still can’t decide) that I am a lover of what are known by some as "w@nky modern tunes", and probably know far more than I should. 🙂

I’ve written some tunes, and rather than put them here, I’ve made a SoundCloud of myself playing them, here: