I was born on the west coast of Canada, grew up in California, lived for 20 years in San Francisco, moved to Montreal, moved to Quebec City, moved to San Miguel de Allende, moving shortly to Guanajuato City. I first discovered Irish sessions at the Plough and Stars, San Francisco at 21 years of age, and I’ve been seeking out sessions as a listener ever since. The session closest to my heart is that at Pub Nelligan’s in Quebec City, Québécois & Irish (and more), which I attended every Thursday for 2 years, rain or shine (or ice). I miss it like crazy.

I’m a serious amateur piano player studying the effects of intentional sound vibration on the human organism. For fun, I also play acoustic guitar and sing (both after a fashion) traditional songs, mostly gold rush, sea shanty, and English folk songs. Having no piano for the time being and because I miss Nelligan’s so much, I’ve finally started learning some session tunes. I’ve been playing the penny whistle (Québécois & Irish tunes), and will be getting my hands on a banjo as soon as possible.