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My name is Joseph Smith, I have been a professional Musician for nearly 30 years. I play the fiddle, primarily, but I also play about thirty-six other instruments including GHB, UP, guitar, piano, didgeridoo and whistles. I have played with Paddy O’Brien (accordian), Sean Conway (flute), Mike Wallace, Stuart Martz, The Old Triangle (Peter Yeates, Steve Mulligan, Mike Wallace), Sean O’Driscol and Andrew Obrien (fiddle).
I am currently attending Saint Petersburg College for an associate in science degree in veterinary technology and hope to be over and done with that in 12 months or so…God Willing!
Beyond Irish music, my greatest loves are my lovely wife Laurie, our Bull Terrier named Squeegee, Copious amounts Guinness and a comfortable place to sit, drink and play my pipes and fiddle.