Swedish amateur musician who is currently very much into folk music, and especially Irish folk. Lately I am also into Québec folk. I like trying out anything I can get my hands on, preferrably in G or D major 🙂 and this site is a gold mine. My instruments include guitars, mandolins, ukuleles (soprano, concert, tenor and baritone, all tuned in fifths!) and flutes, all on various levels of playing. My favourite instrument, though, is a pineapple-shaped concert ukulele, tuned CGDA (with Aquila 31U strings).
My current (January 2020) favourite pastime is going through old books with sheet music for folk tunes and the like, which I turn into ABC code and collect in pdf format. Naturally, with myself as my only audience, I only collect tunes that I personally find fun to play and hear. Some of them I’ve also found on this site. The ones I really like, and can’t be found here, I sometimes add to the site. I have also added a few compositions of my own, as well as some tunes that are based on and further developed from existing tunes in a way that pleases the ear (my ear, that is). 🙂 Currently my collection consists of some 2,600 tunes.
In my spare time I generally play a rather different kind of music, although containing a good portion of ukuleles, it’s more towards pop.