Dundee Uni TradSoc’s tune sets

Pipe Major Jimmy McGregor, James MacLellan’s Favourite, The Snuff Wife, Inspector Donald Campbell Of Ness.

ABC sheet music
T: Pipe Major Jimmy McGregor
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:e|dBB B2A|Bdd d2e|faf fed|fee efe|
dBB B2A|Bdd d2 e|faf edB|Add d2:|
|:f|aff fed| dee e2f|afa fef|dBB B2f|
aff fed| dee e2f|faf edB|Add d2:|
|:f|A2B dBd|ede ~f3|afa fef|dff edB|
A2B dBd|ede ~f3|faf edB|Add d2:|
|:f|Add df2|edd eff|Add dff|fed BAA|
Add dff|edd eff|faf edB|Add d2:|
T: James MacLellan's Favourite
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
a |: f2B BcB | BcB f2e | c2A AcA | AcA ecA |
f2B BcB | BcB f2e | c2A ecA | BBB Bce :|
|: f2 B BBB | aBB fBB | cAA eAA | fAA eAA |
f2 B BBB | aBB fBB | cAA eAA | BBB Bce :|
|: fef BcB | cBc fef | ece AAA | cAc eAc |
fef BcB | cBc fef | cAA ecA | BBB Bce :|
|: fBB Bff | Baa Bff | cee Aff | cee ecA |
fBB Bff | Baa Bff | cAA ecA | BBB Bce :|
T: The Snuff Wife
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
d2c BGB|BGB BGB|d2c BGB|AAA c2A|
d2c BGB|BGB Bcd|e2d cBc|AAA c2A:|
Bcd dGd|Bcd dGd|cAc BGB|AAA c2A|
Bcd dGd|BBB Bcd|e2d cBc|1AAA c2A:|2AAA d2f||
ecA ecA|ecA e2e|fdf ece|dcd f2d|
ecA ecA|eee efg|agf gfe|dcd f2d:|
efg gfg|efg gfg|fdf ece|dcd f2d|
efg gfg|ece efg|agf gfe|1dcd f2d:|2dcd g2e||
T: Inspector Donald Campbell Of Ness
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A3 c2B|cff ecA|a3 ecc|fee faa|
A3 c2B|cff ecA|acc Bcc|ecA A2e:|
f3 fec|e3 ecB|c3 cBc|Ace faa|
f3 fec|e3 cBc|acc Bcc|1 ecA A2e:|2 ecA A2a||
c3 B3|cff ecA|a3 f3|eaa fef|
c3 B3|cff ecA|acc Bcc|ecA A2a:|
c3 cBc|e3 ece|f3 fef|afe faa|
c3 cBc|eff Ace|acc Bcc|1 ecA A2B:|2 ecA A3||