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I’m a college student living in California. I’m an English major, and have a passion for reading, writing and learning about other cultures. My initial love for folk music stems from the fact that my family is Lithuanian, and for quite some time I attended Lithuanian school in which singing and dancing were required! I’ve only discovered Irish music within the last several years, but really enjoy listening, and while I currently only sing and know basic piano, I’ve found this site to be a great source to learn and talk about albums and learn about tune names and their history. I have a particularly soft spot for English, Northumbrian and Welsh trad, and from a listener’s perspective I enjoy jigs, slides, slip jigs and three-two dances the most. I love to listen to trad music when doing homework or creative writing. Besides trad, I also love a few of this decade’s top hits (though mostly these from a few years back), as well as Keane, ABBA, classical music and bird cds. I share my user name with the name of a waterbird found throughout North and South America, Australia, and Europe called the whimbrel, also spelled “wimbrel.”