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Two tune settings, and six comments.

  • The Humours Of Glynn waltz
    X: 1
    T: The Humours Of Glynn
    R: waltz
    M: 3/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Dmaj
    (3ABc|:"D"d2 dc BA|Bd F2 A2|f2 fg fe|d3FA2|
    d2 dc BA|Bd F2 AF|"A"E2 F2 A2|"G"B4 (3ABc|
    "D"d2 dc BA|Bd F2 A2|f2 fg fe|d3 F A2|
    "G"G2 BG BG|"D"F2 A2 F2|"A"E2 F2 A2|1 "G"B4 (3ABc:|2 "G"B4 A2||
    |:"D"d2 d2 d2|~f2 d2 d2|"A"~e2 d2 d2|"D"~f2 d2 d2|
    "G"gf ef ge|"D"fd Bc dB|A2 F2 A2|"G"B4 (3ABc|
    "D"d2 f2 a2|"G"b4 b2|"D"ag fg ab|a4 f2|
    "G"gf ef ge|"D"fd Bc dB|A2 F2 A2|1 "G"B4 A2:|2 "G"B4 (3ABc||
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  • Re: Keys and Modes

    I have been looking through the old, old discussions hoping to suss out when the clichés began to appear. There were a few discussions concerning chords, modes, theory, & rhythm . . . etc.

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  • Re: BUMBLEBEES CD - Mick Connelly’s - Possible other tune title?

    gimpy: “It’s the B part that it reminds me of.”

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  • Question about the T: line in an abc notation header

    Does changing the name of a tune via the “Edit this tune” button also change the title indicated in the T: line in the abc notation for the versions of the tune sharing the original name that are already in the database?

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  • Re: Simple question. . . .

    Maybe “Blarney Pilgrim” is in the infamous key of “Off”? (he suggested jokingly)

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  • Re: Simple question. . . .

    B*ll*cks b*ll*cks b*ll*cks! I’m very much afraid we MAY hve reached a consensus. Dow hisappointing! 🙂

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  • Conal O Grada’s Top of Coom

    Hi all,

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  • The Kesh jig
    X: 8
    T: The Kesh
    R: jig
    M: 6/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Gmaj
    |:G3 GAB|A3 ABd|edd gdd|edB dBA|
    GAG GAB|ABA ABd|edd gdd|BAF G3:|
    |:B2B d2d|ege dBA|B2B dBG|ABA AGA|
    BAB d^cd|ege dBd|gfg aga|bgg g3:|
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