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I live near Wrexham, N. Wales, & have lived in Wales since 1977 (Cardiff till1991) but come originally from the West Country of England. I play flutes and whistles, concentrating on Irish & Welsh traditions but with forays into Breton, other British……, whatever grabs me. I’m fortunate to possess & play a Rudall & Rose Patent Head simple system flute made in the 1840s and, although not classically trained, dabble in Baroque & Classical music for fun. I was in now defunct WelshTraditional band Hogiau’r Gororau for between 3-4 years in the early “noughties”. I have worked as a workshop tutor for CLERA (Welsh Traditional Instrument Society), trac (Welsh Folk Development Agency), and at festivals. I work occasionally in conjunction with Storyteller Fiona Collins. I also offer private tuition to individuals or small groups and an instrument overhaul and minor repair service for wooden flutes.