Lolly Olivia

tunebook 128 tunes.

tune sets 16 sets of tunes.

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Fiddle, Piano, Ottawa Valley Step Dancing
Been playing music since age 11.
Beginner, still working on getting over the initial hump…

The name is Lauren Olivia and I’m learning to play the fiddle. Play lots in the Cape Breton style, but listen to all sorts of types of fiddlin’. I also play the piano and enjoy playing accompaniment for my tunes (Cape Breton piano…ahh!!!) And I’m learning Ottawa Valley step dancing. When I was eleven, I watched a live DVD of the Leahys playing a concert, and thus got the music bug…BAD! Although I started out listening to the Leahy’s very diverse style of fiddling, I’ve also fallen in love with the traditional Cape Breton style of music, and that’s how I’m learning.
Here’s some odd tidbits that give you a better idea of what I’m like. (-:
I’m in high school
I use a shoulder rest. Just saying…
My favorite fiddler composer is Canadian Kerry Fitzgerald. Look her up!
Don’t even try to talk me out of my Leahy craze. Like seriously, just don’t even try.
I love strathspeys. They’re probably my favorite tune type to listen to.
Besides Leahy, I love listening to Natalie MacMaster and the Fitzgerald siblings.
I love kombucha!
I adore the old TV shows Andy Griffith Show and Hogans Heroes (Particularly the English Corporal Newkirk).
I have 10 really cool siblings (No I’m not Amish. It’s just, the more the merrier. And besides, an Amish person wouldn’t play the fiddle).
I watch the DVDs Leahy Live from Gatineau and Natalie MacMaster Live in Cape Breton all the time. My family wonders when I’ll grow tired of it.
I love learning the Ottawa Valley style of step dancing.
I usually always have a mug of coffee and raw cream from our jerseys when I’m practicing fiddle.
I live for the day when I can go to Leahy Music Camp
I love chocolate ice cream and pasta and just wish that my metabolism didn’t make such a huge deal out of it.
I’m an ISTJ. Though I have a colorful and quite lively disposition, you have to stick around and let me get comfortable with you. Otherwise you’d think I’m bland and don’t like to make conversation.
My deepest desire and ambition is to live more fully in the love of Jesus Christ, and share the light of that love with those He brings in my path.

So….that’s me. In a nutshell.

Here is the quote that I base my musical endeavors on:

Until one is committed,
There is hesitancy, the chance to draw back,
Always ineffectiveness

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation)
There is one elementary truth,
The ignorance which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:

That in the moment one definitely commits ones self
Then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one
That would never otherwise have occurred

A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
Raising in one’s favor all manner
Of unforeseen incidents and meetings
And material substance
Which no one could have dreamt
Would have come your way

Whatever you do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness have genius, power, and magic in it.