tunebook 18 tunes.

I live in Surrey, BC, Canada and am a member of a young (and somewhat foolish ;) ) celtic band called Mutiny Gone Overboard. I sing and play guitar, bodhran, some bass, some mandolin, trumpet, clarinet, and I am taking up the fiddle after my great-grandfather passed on. My band plays traditional irish, scottish, maritime, and canadian pieces as well as our own concoctions. Of course we play everything with enthusiasm and energy and strive to put our own flavour on everything we play. Some people may not like our takes on traditional numbers, but we are all acoustic (even my brother’s bass) and if we are having fun and it sounds good then shut up or shove off! This site is a real treasure and I will be learning many a song here as I practice the fiddle.

PS: Check out for our bios and to see when and where Mutiny Gone Overboard is playing next