RavenRain’s tune sets

Over The Moor, Among The Heather, The Fir Tree, Willie Fraser’s, Dan R.’s Favourite, Devanny’s Goat, Mrs. Norman MacKeigan, The Lasses Of Stewarton, The Fairy Dance.

ABC sheet music
T: Over The Moor, Among The Heather
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: A,/D3/2 D3/2E/ D3/2E/ DA, | B,E E3/2F/ G3/2F/ ED |
FA A3/2B/ d3/2e/f3/2e/ | d3/2B/ A/B/d/F/ E3/2F/ ED :|
A/d3/2 d3/2e/ d3/2e/ dA | B3/2e/ e3/2f/ g3/2f/ ed |
f3/2e/ dB A/g3/2f3/2e/ | d3/2B/ A/B/d/F/ E3/2F/ ED :|
A,/B,/D/E/ D/A,/D/E/ F/A/E/F/ D/E/D/A,/ | B,/D/E/F/ E/B,/E/F/ G/A/F/G/E3/2D/ |
D/E/F/G/ A3/2B/ A/D/F/A/ d3/2e/ |f/d/e/B/ d/A/B/F/ E/F/G/F/ ED :|
A/(3d/d/c/d/ f/(3d/d/c/d/ A/d/f/e/ dA | E/G/B/d/ e/d/e/f/ g/a/f/g/ ed |
f/d/e/f/ d/A/B/d/ F/A/E/F/ A/B/d/e/ | f/d/e/B/ d/A/B/F/ E/F/G/F/ ED :| z8 |
T: The Fir Tree
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F2 DB/c/ d>AB>G|E2 =CA/B/ =c>GE>A|F2 DB/c/ d>AB>G|F2 DA/B/ c>Ad>G|
F2 DB/c/ d/c/B/A/ B/A/G/F/|E2 =CA/B/ =c>GE>A|F2 DB/c/ d>AB>G|F2 D2 d>d d||
|:f|d/d/d f>d g>ef>e|e/e/e g>e g>ec>e|d>ef>g a>ba>f|g<ea>g f>ed>f|
d/d/d f>d g>ef>d|e/e/e g>e g>e =cf/g/|a>fg>e f>de>c|B/A/B/c/ d/c/B/A/ F>E D:|
T: Willie Fraser's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
g/ |(3fgf d>B A>Bd<f | g>ef>d e2 e<g | (3fgf d>B A>Bd<e | f<ae<c d2 d>g |
f2 d>B A>B d2 | g>ef>d (3eee e<g | f<de>f d<BA>F | G<BA>F D2- D3/ ||
B/ |A<DF>E D>FA<f | g>ef>d e2- e<d | A<DF>E D>FA<F | G<BA>F (3DDD D>B |
A<DF>E D2 (3FAf | g>ef>d (3eee e<g | (3fgf d>B A>Bd<e | f<Ae>c d2- d3/ |]
T: Dan R.'s Favourite
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A | "A"E<A,C>E A/G/F/E/ A>E | "D"F<D"A/C#"E>C "G/B"D>B,"G"=G,>A | "A"E<A,C>E A/G/F/E/ A>E | "D"F<D"E"E>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,>A |
"A"E<A,C>E A/G/F/E/ A>E | "D"F<D"A/C#"E>C "G/B"D>B,"G"=G,>B, | "A"A,>AF<A E>ec>e | "D"f<d"E"e>c "A"A/A/A A ||
d | "A"c<eA>B A/B/c/d/ e>a | "D"f<d"A/C#"e>c "G/B"d/c/B/A/ "G"=G>B | "A"A>ec<a e>e'c'>a | "D"d'/c'/b/a/ "E"g>b "A"a/a/a a>b |
"A"c'>ae<c a>ec>A | e>cA>E A>EF>D | "A"(3CEA "D"(3DFA "E"(3EGB "A"(3Ace | "D"f<d"E"e>c "A"A/A/A A |]
T: Devanny's Goat
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DF ~F2 AFAB | df{g}fe dBAF | DF ~F2 BFAF | E2 ED EGFE |
DF ~F2 AFAB | df{g}fe dBAd | fedB AFDF |1 {AB}AFEF D2 FE :|2 AFEF D4 |]
fa{b}af {b}afdf | afef dB ~B2 | ABde fAdf | e2 ef edBd |
Ad ~d2 fd ~d2 | edfd edBd | A2 dB AFDF |1 AFEF D4 :|2 AFEF D2 FE |]
T: Mrs. Norman MacKeigan
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FE|:D2 FD FA~A2|defd g2 fe|dcBA BcdA|(3Bcd AF E2 FE|
D2 FD FA~A2|defd g2 fe|dcBA BcdA|1 (3Bcd AF D2 FE:|2 (3Bcd AF ~D3 f||
abaf defd|fada f2 ef|abaf defd|fadf ~e3 f|
abaf defd|fada f2 ec|dcBA BcdA|1 (3Bcd AF D2 fg:|2 (3Bcd AF D2 FE||
T: The Lasses Of Stewarton
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
g|fde^c dAd2|FDDF A2 Ag|fde^c dA=c2|ECCE G2Gg|
fde^c dAd2|FDDF A2 Ag|fde^c dA=c2|ECCE G2Gc||
B/2c/2d AF ADDc|Bd AF A2Ac|B/2c/2d AF ABcA|GECE G2Gc|
Defg afdf|afdf a2 fe|defg afdf|gece g2 fe|
defg afdf|afdf abaf|defg abaf| gece gbag|]
T: The Fairy Dance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
M: 2/4
|: ff/d/ ff/d/ | ff/d/ e/c/G/e/ | f[f/d/]d/ g/f/e/d/ | c/A/B/c/ dd :|
|: aa/f/ bb/a/ | gg/e/ aa/g/ | ff/d/ g/f/e/d/ | c/A/B/c/ d/e/f/g/ |
a/^g/a/f/ b/a/=g/f/ | g/f/g/e/ a/g/f/e/ | f/e/f/d/ g/f/e/d/ | c/A/B/c/ dd :|