Sean O Gairbhith’s tune sets

The First Of May, The Blackbird.

T: The First Of May
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
AF|EAAB cBcA|dcde f2 ef|gfed cdec|dcAF GFGE|*
EAAB cBcA|dBde f2 af|gfeg dfec|A2A2A2:|*
eg|a2 af g2 ge|f2 fd e2 ed|cdef geed|cAAF GFAE|*
EAAB cBcA|dcde f2 af|gfed cAdc|A2A2A2:|
A>G|E>AA>B =c>Bc>A|d>=cd>e f2 e>f|g>fe>c d>fe>d|c>AG>F G2 A>G|*
E>AA>B =c>Bc>A|d>=cd>e f2 e>f|g>fe>c d>fe>c|A2A2A2:|
f>g|a2 a>f g2 g>e|f>gf>d e2 e>d|c>de>f g>fe>c|d>cA>F G2 A>G|*
E>AA>B =c>Bc>A|d>=cd>e f2 e>f|g>fe>c d>fe>c|A2A2A2:|*
AG|EAAB cBcA|dcde f2 ef|gedc dfed|cAGF G2G2|*
EAAB cBcA|dBde f2 ef|gedc dfec|A AA A2:|*
fg|a2 af g2 ge|fgfd e2 ed|cdef gfed|cAGF G2G2|*
EAAB cBcA|dcde f2 ef|gedc dfec|A AA A2:|
T: The Blackbird
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fe|d>cA>F G>FD2|(3EFG A>B =c>Bc>A|d2A>F G>BA>G|EFD2 D2 (3ABc|
d>cA>F G>FD2|(3EFG A>B =c3A|d2A>F G>BA>G|EFD2 D2:|
za|d2 (3efg a>gf>a|g>fg>a g>fd>A|d2f>g a>ba>g|(3fgf d2 d2 (3efg|
a>gf>a g2f>e|d>cd>e f>de>d|d>cA>F G>BA>G|F2D2 D2:|
zA|D>EF>G A>B (3=c_BA|d>Ad>e d>cA>F|D2 (3EFG A>dA>G|(3FGF D2 D2A>F|
D2 (3EFG A>B=c>A|d>cd>e f>de>d|d>cA>F G>BA>G|F2D2 D2:|