Sean O Gairbhith’s tune sets

The Mill House, Reel For Grace, Neckbelly #2.

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T: The Mill House
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
AB|:c2BA FE~E2|ABcE FBAF|EFAB cfec|cBBA Befe|
c2BA FE~E2|ABcE FDAF|EFAB cfec|1BAcB ~A2AB:|2BAcB ABcd||
eAce a2ga|f2af ecAF|EFAB cfec|cBBA B2 cd|
eAce a2ga|f2af ecAF|EFAB cfec|BAcB ABcd|
eAce a2ga|f2af ecAF|EFAB cfec|cBBA Befe|
c2 BA FE~E2|ABcE FDAF|EFAB cfec|BAcB ~A2AB||
T: Reel For Grace
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F|D ~F3 ADFA|d ~f3 afed|ef ed Be ~e2|fedB BAFE|
D ~F3 ADFA|d ~f3 afed|ef ed Be ~e2|1 defe dBA:|2 defe d3||
|g|faaf a2 ba|afef ~b3a|faaf a2 ba|afde fede|
~f3d e2 fe|dfed B2dB|AF ~F2 ABde|faeg fd d|
|e|faaf a2 ba|afef ~b3a|faaf a2 ba|afde fede|
fgaf egfe|dfed BedB|AF ~F2 ABde|faeg fd d2|
T: Neckbelly #2
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AGFG AGFG | AGFE FDFG | Ad3 dABd |1 AGFE D4 :|2 AGFE D2de ||
|: f4-f2ed | eBBA B2dB | BAAF AFAB | ABdf e2de |
f2ed f2ed | eBBA B2dB | BAAF AFAB |1 ABde d2de:|2 ABde d4 ||
|: B2dB B2dB|AFEF D2AD | BD3 DFAB | ABde fdef |
dBBA B2dB | AFEF D2AD| BD3 DFAB |1 ABde d4 :|2 ABde d2FG |]