Sean O Gairbhith’s tune sets

The Bluemont.

T: The Bluemont
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
E A>B|:"A" c4 (3cBA|"E" B3 d c>B|"F#m" A F3 A2|F4 (3EFE|"D" D4 (3FED|"E" E2 A3 c|B6|B3 E A>B
"A" c4 (3cBA|"E" B3 d c>B|"F#m"A F3 A2|F4 E2|"D"D4 (3FED|"E"E2 c3B|1 "A"A6|A3 E A>B:|2 "A"A6|c2d2e2]|
|:"D" f4 f2|"E"e3 f e>d|"A"d c3c2|c4 B2|"F#m"A4 A2|"E"B2 A3 e|"A"c6|c2>B2A2|
"Bm"B3 A B>c|"E"B4 A>F|"A"E A4 E|"F#m"F A3 F2|"D"D4 (3FED|"E"E2 c3 B|1 "A"A6|c2d2e2:|2 "A"A6|A3 E A>B||