About my little self…
I’m currently playing bodhran with a fine bunch of tunesmiths by the name of the Barleyshakes and also The Frank Murphy Flute Assault both based in SE Queensland, Oz.
I’ve been a drummer/percussionist for longer than i should say and have been playing ITM seriously since August 2003. I’m accused of singing from time to time as well.
Some previous ensembles of varying notoriety include:
The Houseprouds, Lothlorien (currently enjoying a revival), Yalla and Treehouse.
I enjoy long walks on the beach at night and meaningful, poignant short term relationships. sometimes even when they’re my own. i have no children that i’m aware of but welcome any insight into this phenomenon. I listen to too much Australian/NZ 80’s and 90’s alternative to be any much good at this tune playing business.