My name is Laurence and I have been playing piano (and bass, both acoustic and electric) for most of my life. I became interested in Irish music when I attended a workshop on Folk Keyboard at a Folk Festival in Norfolk, Virginia in October 1981 which was taught by Triona ni Dhomhnaill (who played keyboard with the Bothy Band). After the workshop was over, I heard Triona perform that evening at the Festival with a band called Touchstone. This experience opened my eyes and my ears to the possibilities of the piano in this genre of music. ShortIy after the Festival, I bought a copy of O’Neill’s and began trying to play some of the music in that collection. Until 1995, when some other local musicians started an Irish Session here (central Arkansas), I had no one else to play this music with. Since 1995, I have been playing piano (and bass) more-or-less irregularly at the local Irish Session and enjoying it.