I’m learning harmonica, and have been playing chords on tremolo and diatonic.
I play Hohner echo , Swan tremolo, Lee Oscar major , and natural minor.
Recently started to use single note and tried to tune a “paddy Richter” style out of a C lee oscar harmonica. I fatigued the retuned reed within a week. Was succesfully playing drunken sailor this summer on a tour in Seattle using an Aminor (second position)natural minor lee oscar harmonica (no modification needed).

Now i am going to use some inexpensive
Harmonicas to practice altered tuning myself and then convert some more expensive harmonicas once I’ve figured out which i like.

For now will be playing solo, so the ability to bein tune with others not so critical at the moment.

I’ve go three tunings in mind paddy Richter, and two Rick Epping described tunings courtesy of Joel Anderson website But after reading some notes on this forum I’m realizing there’s a few ways to play some of the traditional reels and jigs and hornpipes with harmonicas.