Nagoya123’s tune sets

The Chicago, The Galtee.

T: The Chicago
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
cded cAGE|~G3E GAcd|ecgc acgc|eaag edcA|
cded cAGE|~G3E GAcd|eaag (3efg ed|cABG ~A3B:|
|:cdef g2ef|gfgd BG~G2|cdef g2fg|eaag aged|
cdef ~g3e|~a3f ~g3e|~f3d efed|cABG ~A3B:|
T: The Galtee
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
aged cAAG|EA~A2 EA~A2|aged cAAc|BGGF GABd|
aged cAAG|EA~A2 a2ga|bgag eaaf|1 gedB BA~A2:|2 gedB BAAB||
|:~c3B cded|c2Bc dBGB|~c3B cded|cBAG EAAB|
~c3B cded|cA~A2 a2ga|bgag eaaf|1 gedB cAAB:|2 gedB cA~A2||
"version 2"
|:aged cAAG|EA~A2 G2EG|aged cAAG|EG~G2 EGD2|
aged cAAG|EA~A2 a2ga|bgaf gedB|1 dBAG EA~A2:|2 dBAG EAAB||
|:c2AB cded|cAAG EAAB|c2AB cded|EGGF GED2|
cBAB cded|cA~A2 a2ga|bgaf gedB|1 dBAG EAAB:|2 dBAG EA~A2||