Patrick Mcloughlin’s tune sets

Langstrom’s Pony, The Lark In The Morning.

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T: Langstrom's Pony
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:fed cAA|EAA cBA|fed cAA|BGB dcB|
fed cAA|EAA cBA|faf g2e|dBG Bcd:|
|:cee dff|cee ecA|cee dff|dBG Bcd|
cee dff|cee efg|faf g2e|dBG Bcd:|
|:Ace a^ga|ecA ecA|GBd gfg|dBG Bcd|
faf g2e|fed ecA|a2f g2e|dBG Bcd:|
|:AEA A2e|cAc ecB|AEA AB=c|BGB dcB|
AEA A2e|cAc efg|faf g2e|dBG Bcd:|
T: The Lark In The Morning
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AFA AFA|BGB BdB|def afe|dBB BdB:|
|:def afe| bff afe|def afe|dBB BdB|
def afe|bff afe|g2e f2d|edB BdB:|
|:dff fef|fef fef|dff fef|edB BdB|
dff fef|fef def|g2e f2d|edB BdB:|
|:Add fdd|edd fdd|Add fdd|edB BdB|
Add fdd|edB def| g2e f2d|edB BdB:|