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I’m Nigel Gatherer of Perthshire, Scotland. I teach traditional music in various projects around Scotland, including Glasgow Fiddle Workshop, The Scots Music Group in Edinburgh, and the Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association. My main interests are Scottish music, Old-Time music, and traditional and folk music in general. I play gigs as part of a mandolin/guitar duet and in a local ceilidh band.

I transcribe a lot of tunes in the course of my work - there are hundreds of them at my website, Almost all of the transcriptions these days are from recordings of players. Some of my transcriptions on this site:

Walking the Floor
Roy’s Wife
Laird of Drumblair
Miss Stewart
Lewis Lilt
Mid Lothian
Reagan’s Slide
Katie Scollard’s
The Broomstick
The Scottish Horse
The Ardvassar Blacksmith
Leaving Stoer
Miss Wedderburn’s
Farewell to Glasgow
The Lisheen
The Five Servants
Gie Us a Drink of Water
Littlejohn’s Hame
Letter to Peter Pan
Ann McQuarrie’s Reel
A Tribute to Elizabeth Beaton
Francis Beaton’s Reel
Tamerack’er Down
The Joys of Mabou Mines
The Devil’s Elbow
Minnie Dempsey’s Polka
Dick Tobin’s Polka
Bridgie Con Mat’s
Tommy Potts’ Slip Jig
The Snipe
Major Malley’s March
Maggie Shanley’s
Peter Rae’s Jig
Kathleen’s Tune
Fergie’s Jig
Jessie Smith Hornpipe
John Carmichael’s Farewell to Scotland
Tigh na Gorm
Mickey Sweeney’s
Mairtin Byrne’s Waltz
The Old Stage
The Bogman
The Midnight Ramble
Sr Elizabeth’s
Over The Hills To Runbush
Jimmy Giblin’s
O’Keeffe’s Mother
David D MacKenzie Of Sallachy
The Caravan
Francie Byrne’s
Da Blue Yowe
Dry Bread and Pullit
Johnnie McIljohn’s No.2
Gale Bridge
Biddy the Darling
Bedford Cross
Gordon’s Favourite
Calum Donaldson
Hayfield House
Peter Davidson
Uncle Joshua
The Flappers
Sir Torquil Monroe
The Merry Maids Polka
Mrs Grace Bowie
Glasgow 1885
The Famous Baravan
Gie Me A Lass Wi‘ A Lump O’ Land
Loch Ordie
Johnny Ward’s
Paddy Bartley’s
Doc Boyd’s Jig
Lord Drummond
Dermott Grogan’s Hornpipe
Fitzmaurice’s Polka
Lord Randall’s Bride
Peter Wyper’s Hornpipe
Charles Sutherland
Mairi’s Wedding

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