Ian Stevenson

tunebook 1 tune.

I was heavily involved in sessions during the years 1969-1986
playing Mandoline but my main interest is singing.I sang my first traditional song in 1961, collected songs from 1970-1979,
and am still singing professionly. I had to give up the Mandoline because of Arthrhitic problems in my right hand but
have taken to playing Guitar. Have been composing tunes since 1973, but I only write tunes when something funny or serious happens, I have to have a title for the structure to fit.
Was invoved with the group ‘Quilty’ for 9 years and now have a duo called ’ Bog Butter’ with Malcolm Wray (Derry) with whom I have been singing for 29 years. We also have a trio (Trebog) with David Cousineau, a multi instrumentalist and singer of songs from the Poitou area of France . We amalgamate Irish, Poitvin and Quebec songs and music. There are 2 tracks on Jim Dorans website:-
Have just reformed “Quilty”, myself and Malcolm plus two very fine french musicians; Jean l’Huillery Uillean Pipes, Whistles,
Flutes, Clarinet, Northumbrian Pipes (in fact anything that has holes and can be blown…….!!!!!! Didier Oliver Fiddle, Mandolin and Whistles. All four of us sing which is a distinct bonus.