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Live in NYC. Retired. Primary instrument is mandolin. THE SESSION continues to be my number one resource for tunes, especially during the time of covid. Beyond that many of the discussion threads here provide the most interesting "leads" to follow which has further increased my understanding of the music and tradition.
I have been playing mandolin at a SESSION with much better players than I who have taught me so much about the music. Now over Zoom. Long to return to playing in person. I am now learning the bouzouki and mandola so I guess I have fallen down the rabbit hole! What do "normal " people do with their time?
Favourite tunes d ‘jour: Sailing into Walpole Marsh ,Jenny Picking Cockles ,
Dinkey’s Reel, Humours of Ballyloughlin, Currants for Cakes and Raisins for Everything.
Joe Burke, Liz Carroll