tunebook 13 tunes.

I live in York, UK and just bought my first Tin Whistle. I was part of a Recorder Ensemble at school when I was about 13 or 14 where I played the Descant, Tenor and Sopranino. We played a lot of Baroque pieces and I loved it so much. So I bought Ferris Sopranino a few years ago as I’d lost those I had when I was younger - and remember how loud and difficult it is to get a good tune. So, bring on the Whistles.

Ferris Sopranino Recorder ~ Polymer
Mienel Descant (Soprano) Recorder ~ Maple Wood

Generation Tin Whistle (Nickle) ~ G
Generation Tin Whistle (Brass) ~ F
Generation Tin Whistle (Nickel) ~ E flat
Clarke Sweetone Tin Whistle (Red) ~ D
Clarke Meg Tin Whistle (Black) ~ D
Clarke Original Tin Whistle (Wooden Block) ~ C
Lark Blackbird Tin Whistle (Polymer) ~ C
Oak Tin Whistle (Nickle) ~ C
Generation Tin Whistle (Brass) ~ B flat

Glenluce Bodhran & double-headed cipín ~ 8 inch
Atlas Bell Shaker with strap
Finger Cymbals
Egg Shaker ~ wooden