Carl Hession

Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Carl Hession and I play Trad Piano.I have recently recorded 75 Reels for Piano on my You Tube Site which is Carl Hession You Tube.This gives the solo piano player the chance to listen to possibly the best group of Traditional Reels now played on Piano.To my knowledge nothing like this has been done before with 75 reels recorded into 25 Groups and played on piano.The site has amazed me with over 5,000 hits so far for the Piano Reels.I am also launching a new CD next Sunday in Milltown Malbay.The CD is titled Urnua and it has 40 of my compositions-some old and some new.It is an interesting CD with Concertina,Harp,Percussion,Piano and Harpsichord with a String Quartet.I will send you a copy if you e.mail an address.Regards.Carl.