tunebook 42 tunes.

I love Irish music, can never get enough of it.

I play the fiddle and the piano and live in New Hampshire. I co-host with Roger Kahle the Wednesday night Irish session at McCliment’s Pub in Putney, Vermont. I enjoy the fiddling of Paddy Cronin, Kevin Crehan, and the late Andy McGann, and others. I also fiddle for contra dances and enjoy working with lots of different piano players and guitarists.

Although I also do artwork, music is my main activity these days. I collect fiddle tunes and have published five books under my Fiddlecase Books imprint: New England Fiddler’s Repertoire, The Fiddler’s Throne, Marshall’s Scottish Melodies, The Fiddler’s Friend Exercise Book, and Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (a new revised second edition was published on St. Patrick’s Day, 2006). I offer these books on my website at http://www.fiddlecasebooks.com.

Thesession.org is a great site and I like trying out the tunes. That’s all for now!