tunebook 58 tunes.

Instruments: Flute (Dave Williams Rudall-style 8-key, Ralph Sweet rosewood keyless), Mt. Dulcimer (McSpadden in D, Folkroots baritone in G or A), Guitar (Martin 12-fret slothead mahogany), Voice (working on it), and formerly recorder and Boehm flute.

Musical interests: IrTrad, Folk (US, UK, Irish - the older the better), Old Time & Bluegrass (even if they shouldn’t be in the same sentence) Early/Baroque, Jazz….. basically any music that is designed for active participation rather than passive listening.

Other interests: XC skiing, low tech hiking/walking, cooking (and eating, of course), archaeology (former Viking archaeologist), architecture (current architectural historian), natural history.

Fell in love with IrTrad and other folk music of the British Isles in my days as a Viking archaologist working on sites in the Orkney Islands and the Hebrides in the late 1970’s. No radios, tv’s etc, but lots of singing and playing by fellow diggers and local musicians. Parties, with lots of music, started when the pub closed and went on till dawn. Ah, those were the days…

Currently live with mando-playing husband in northwest New Jersey (USA), and we’re always interested in making music with others.