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I have been playing ITM for almost 40 years. My instruments are wooden flute (I have an 1882 8-key, an 1850 Hugh Cottier Siccama-style 10-key, a 1921 fully keyed Radcliff and two Casey Burns flutes), whistle, bodhran, and bones.

I also play silver Boehm flute (50 years).

I bought the Siccama (10 keys) and Radcliff flutes to manage around some loss of sensitivity in my finger tips (peripheral neuropathy - no cure or treatment). Not having to seal open holes more or less solves the problem. As of 2022, I have transitioned to my Boehm flute, fitted with a custom wooden headjoint by Chris Abell.

My name is Alan, which was taken, so I use an alternate spelling for my screen name here.