Beshlie wright’s tune sets

The Lovers’.

T: The Lovers'
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGB|"G"d3 d BG|"C"E3 D CB,|"G"(D6|D3) D GB|"G"d3 d BG|"C"E3 D CB,|
"Am"(D6|"D7"D3) D EG|"Am"A3 G AB|"C"A G3 ED|"G"(D6|D3) D EG|
"C"A3 G AB|"Am"A G3 ED|"D"(d4 d)e|d4 GF|"G"G4 GF|"Am7"G4 GF|
"G"G3 G GF|"C"G2 c3 B|"G"G4 GF|"Em"G4 ED|"Am"(E4 E)D/E/|"D7"D4 GF|
"C"E3 F G2|"D"F2 G2 A2|"Em"B3 c BA|G4 GF|"C"E2 F2 G2|
"D7"A2 G3F|1 "G"(G6|G3):|2 "G"G6|A3|
|:Adf|"D"a3 a fd|"G"B3 A GF|"D"(A6|A3) A df|"D"a3 a fd|"G"B3 A GF|
"Em"(A6|"A7"A3)A Bd|"Em"e3 d ef|"G"e d3 BA|"D"(A6|A3) A Bd|
"G"e3 d ef|"Em"e d3 BA|"A"(a4 a)b|a4 dc|"D"d4 dc|"Em7"d4 dc|
"D"d3 d dc|"G"d2 g3 f|"D"d4 dc|"Bm"d4 BA|"Em"(B4 B)A/B/|"A7"A4 dc|
"G"B3 c d2|"A"c2 d2 e2|"Bm"f3 g fe|d4 dc|"G"B2 c2 d2|"A7"e2 d3 c|"D"(d6|d3):|