Steve Dent

I have been playing bodhran in irish music sessions for over thirty years. I have played with many bands around London and the south east, the Kitchen band with Pete and Chris Ffyfe, Dreocht with piper Bob White, Jiggery Pockery, Ploughmans Bunch, the South London Occasional Band, Hungry Grass and numerous sessions in and around London. I have also done some TV work both on screen and sound track the Irish RM being one such programme. I have also recorded with Le Chiele and played at the Ennis Fladh and sessions all around Ireland. Since moving to Cornwall some ten years ago I have struggled to find Irish sessions that are in reasonable travelling distance, however I do try to get to Sidmouth and enjoy the numerous sessions. Since moving to Cornwall I have played on St Piran’s nights at the Bell Launceston. These nights have been great fun but Cornish tunes are alien to me but I am learning. I have also been the founder member of the Lanson Shout, on the first Friday in the month at the Bell Launceston, come and join us it is a great evening and in its second year. I would love to know of any sessions near me, so please let me know. Steve