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The Sunny Banks, Dan Breen’s.

ABC sheet music
T: The Sunny Banks
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B|:AFF2 d2cA|B/2c/2dAF G3B|AFF2 d2cA|1 B/2c/2dAF DEFB:|2 B/2c/2dAF D3e||
|:fded cAA2|fdef g2ag|fded cAA2|1 B/2c/2dAF D3e:|2 B/2c/2dAF DEFG||"Last" B/2c/2dAF D3||
T: Dan Breen's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|: egdB A2 AG | EA AG A2 Bd | egdB A2 AG | EGGF G2 Bd :|
|: e2 eg edBd | eA A2 AG Bd | e2 eg edBe |1 d2 ef g2 fg :|2 dg ed gb fg :|