Jessica Richardson

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I grew up in Mid-Wales at the foothills of Snowdonia. I have played classical clarinet, starting when I was 7. I taught myself piano in my early teens and went on to pic up the saxophone and flute. I have played in orchestras and jazz bands so have experience of playing with others but this has been in a very structured setting. I have also always played by reading music which hasn’t served me very well for learning traditional tunes. I lived in Ireland for a year where my love for traditional music was re-kindled, having grown up with mum playing tunes on the flute and on a tape on repeat. I got my first Tony Dixon tin whistle from a music shop in Cork and have been dabbling since on that and my Chieftan low D. My next step is to get to play in a session or two when I’m brave enough! I live in north Cumbria.