Sergio Rampino

tunebook 305 tunes.

tune set 1 set of tunes.

bookmarks 31 bookmarks.

Novice flute player based in Pisa, Italy.

Flutes: practice flute by Hammy Hamilton, Pratten-based Delrin by Rob Forbes, R&R 6-key polymer M&E, R&R-based 8-key Delrin by Vincenzo di Mauro, R&R-based 6-key African blackwood by Steffen Gabriel.

Slow Session Pisa


Books on Irish music:
- Breandán Breathnach, Folk Music and Dances of Ireland, Ossian Publications, 1971
- Tomás Ó Canainn, Traditional Music in Ireland, Ossian Publications, 1978
- James R. Cowdery, The Melodic Tradition of Ireland, Kent State University Press, 1990

Books on the Irish flute:
- Hammy Hamilton, The Irish Flute Player’s Handbook
- Fintan Vallely, A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Flute
- Conal Ó Gráda, An Fheadóg Mhór
- Grey Larsen, The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle
- June McCormack, Fliúit

On the web:
- The Laws of Branjo, an essential reading on musical learning:
- Jack Campin’s tutorial on Scales and Modes in Scottish Traditional Music
-, lost of good things from flute player Shannon Heaton
-, website of the Wellington Irish session in New Zealand (tune archive, with slowdowner able to play either the tunes on the website or local audio from your computer)
-, Comhaltas "Foinn Seisiún" Vol. 1 tune collection
-, Comhaltas "Foinn Seisiún" Vol. 2 tune collection
-, Comhaltas "Foinn Seisiún" Vol. 3 tune collection