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Australian. Whistle player since 1978 after hitching in Ireland as a 19 yo and being blown away when I heard my first real session at the Phoenix in Cork. I’ve been fooling with the flute for about 8 years. I’ve always lived a long way from any regular session. ( One night I drove an 800km round trip to Alice Springs to hear a midweek Andy Irvine concert!!!) I met my French wife at Milltown during Willie Clancy week ‘84 We have 4 kids 13 -24 and now live on the magnificent NSW North Coast. There are occasional house sessions but nothing regular as other ITM tragics are fairly thin on the ground here.
Recently formed a band and have great fun playing all kinds of stuff with some talented mates. I’m a bit of a lurker and I enjoy some of the discussions. The tune archive here is a great resource!
July 2006 update- Hey! we now have a (fairly) regular pub session only 25km away. Hooray! Here’s my band’s website. We’ve only just got it up.
The session is no more. July 2007
October 2008 Have a beautiful new Davy Stuart cittern that I’m learning to drive.