Ronan McAfee’s tune sets

King George IV, The King’s, King George, Old King’s.

T: King George IV
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A|"Am"E<A,A,>B, C>B,A,>A|"Am"E<A,A,>C "G"B,>A,G,>A|"Am"E<A,A,>B, "C"C>DE<C|"G"B,<DG>E D/C/B,/A,/ G,:|
d|"A"^c<eA>e c>e "D"d/c/B/A/|"A"^c<eA>e "D"d/c/B/A/ "G"G>d|"A"^c<eA>d c>eA>f|"G"g>g "A"a/g/f/e/ "D"d/^c/B/A/ "G"G>d|
"A"^c<eA>e c>e "D"d/c/B/A/|"A"^c<eA>e "D"d/c/B/A/ "G"G>B|"Am"c<e"G"B>d "Am"A<B"Em"E>F|"G"G>AG>E D/C/B,/A,/ G,||
T: The King's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A,2 EA, FA,EA,|~A,2 ED CA,A,G,|
A,2 EA, FA,EF|1 G2 DC B,G,G,B,:|2 G2 DC B,G,G,d||
^cA (3AAA eaed|^cA (3AAA BGBd|^cA (3AAA eaef|ged=c BGBd|
^cA (3AAA eaed|^cA (3AAA BGBd|=c2 dc B2 dB|AGED B,G,G,B,||
T: King George
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
F|E<A,E>D E<A,A,>B,|C>ED>C B,<G,G,>F|
E<A,E>D EA,A,>C|B,>G, (3B,CD E<A,A,>F|
E<A,E>D E<A,A,>B,|C>ED>C B,<A,A,<B,|
A,>B,C>D E>DE<G|B,>G, (3B,CD E<A,A,>g||
|f<de>B c>BA>a|g>ed<g B<GG>g|
f<de>B c>AB>G|A<aa>g a>ge>g|
f<de>B c>de>a|g>ed<g B<GG>A|
E>A A/A/A/ c>AB>G|A>g g/g/g/ a<AA2||
T: Old King's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
A| E<A,A,B, A,2 A,A | E<A,E^F GEDB, | A,<A,A,B, C2 CD | EGDC B,G,G,A |
E<A,A,B, A,G,A,B, | A,/A,/A, A,^F GEDB, | A,<A,A,B, C/C/C CD| EGDC B,G,G,||
d | ^cA A/A/A cded | ^cABc dBGB | BeAB =c3 e | gage d^cBe |
^cA A/A/A cded | ^cABc dcBD | =c2 BG AcBA | GEDC B,G, G, ||