Christian W.

tunebook 22 tunes.

So what is to be said about me? I live in Wuppertal / Germany with my family. I am a great fan of "handcrafted" music. In summer ‘94 I made my first visit to Ireland, and until now I love the Irish whistle. Low-D is my favourite today.
What I do and what I did:
- "The green and the blue" - Irish and Scottish folk in Mainz 94-98
- "Kaltes Kissen" - Rock/Pop with a lot of percussion (and occasionally a tin whistle) in Düsseldorf 98-07
- "Nachtwind" - selfmade romantic folk rock, based on lyrics of Heinrich Heine in Remscheid / Mainz / Berlin 02-09
- occasionally taking part in several sessions in Wuppertal and Berlin
Other instruments are my guitar, my voice and the bodhrun.