A Scot living in Sheffield for the last twenty years. I sang as a child and there are many songs I just don’t remember learning. I had a long break from singing due to teenage asthma and a lack of confidence in my ability to hold a tune which was ironic as this is what I do best whereas my diction and projection can be shockingly bad. I started singing again 6 or 7 years ago and have slowly beaten the nerves back. I turn up at sessions and disappoint people by being a mere singer, although I am planning to take the fiddle back up again when I’ve sorted my long term accomodation plans. That said it will be years before I play in a session.

I have a wide range of musical influences but most of what I sing is traditional unaccompanied scots / irish sometimes with a bflat whistle accompaniment.

I sing around Sheffield in folk clubs and at sessions and have been adopted by the Irish Community ( long story)

The long term plan also includes to improve my Irish and scots gaelic.