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One tune setting, and one comment.

  • Waterboogie slip jig
    X: 1
    T: Waterboogie
    R: slip jig
    M: 9/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Fmaj
    ~F3 AGE FGA|Bdf e2c ABG|
    ~F3 AGE FGA|1 BGc dBc ABG:|2 BGE EFG FGA||
    Bdf e2f cFG|A2A2 Bc cBA|1 Bdf e2c dfg|
    aba gfe f2c:|2 ~B3 GAB GAB|c2c3c3||
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  • The Banshee

    I learnt this tune of the Blazin’ Fidlles album “Fire On!”. I then went to a fidle course called “Blazin’ in Beuly”.This is a five day course where every member of Blazin Fiddles teachs you for one day. On the course one of the fiddlers from t…

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