Anna Swanepoel

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Hallo Folks

I was Born in South Africa.
My Father played the Wheatstone accordion .
I always watched as a child and tried it when he put it down. Afrikaans folk songs are quite different from the traditional Irish , but i love it all.
I inherited his instrument but lost it due to a break and entry.
Now we live in Canada and my children bought me a anglo 30 button for my birthday.
I would love to learn to read sheet music for the concertina , as i would like to leave something for my future generation - to play our folk music . There is no one around here that plays this instrument.

I found the method using numbers easier than the alphabetical system.

I found a piece where all the number above the line are push and below the line pull - it seems to resonate with me .

Can anyone help please ?

Thank you so much