Peter Cane

tune sets 2 sets of tunes.

I am Pete, 70, dabble around with several instruments including fiddle, harmonica, bass guitar, classical guitar ukulele and Flute blah blah.
My Irish flute is on its way from Ireland right now and I want to put together a set of reels that I can play to accompany my grandaughter who has now gone back to Irish dancing lessons on my request.
I have noticed that over the decades there has been a change to Irish music from what was and what we hear today.
I must say that I prefer what I hear today as i think it is more colourful with the odd notes that suddenly appear to make it sound out of tune ( modes).
But of course it is not out of tune….it is that that makes it Irish and needs appreciation.
To the plot.
Can any one please advise me on a set of reels to play on the unkeyed D flute that fits my description of what I call modern Irish music?
I apologise for any wrong terminology but just hope that you get my general drift.
Have a good day.

Ps…I live in Australia and play just for my own entertainment.