Nat Helms

Hi, found this site looking for a new bridge… my new e-string sawing Old Reliable in half… must have been meant to be. I play a fiddle… picked it up ten years or so ago after stroke precluded playing drums any longer. Not too good, but very enthusiastic. Play by myself a lot. Hurting some now from trigger fingers learning to play Roly-Poly - the Bob Wills version. From TX, really like Western Swing, Willie N, Outlaws, Hank Williams( both), etc. And recently gospels… must be visiting my youth. Just LOVE The Ash Grove, Swing Low, Amazing Grace, You Are My Sunshine, etc. That’s about it except I drive a Russian Ural MC with sidecar for wife to be comfy. Most folks have never seen one. Last, old and live in MO, retired. Not as fast as we used to be but she still quilts like an angel and my fingering and bowing techniques are cleaner than the youngsters… they hurry too much…. old age does have a few rewards.