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I am a flute and whistle player in Asheville, NC. For the past 8 years, I have played flute and whistle every Sunday afternoon at the Jack of the Wood where I now lead the session. Our session is a hybrid performance/session in that we are on the stage playing in front of a mostly full pub.

My introduction into Irish music came when I tried a pennywhistle in a music store 35 years ago and decided it would make a great “pocket flute” that I could easily carry with me on walks and hikes. Shortly after that, a piper who worked in a folk music store told me about the Coeltas sessions in Atlanta where I learned the music and played with Coeltas for several years at Ceilis and various folk music venues and festivals.

Over the years I’ve studied at camps with Jack Coen, Joanie Madden, Jerry O’Sullivan, Chris Norman, Kieran O’Hare, John Skelton, Nuala Kennedy, Kathleen Conneely and Kevin Crawford. Over the years, I’ve listened to all the flute and whistle players I could find immersing myself in the music.