I recently started doing Alto recorder classes. I chosed the alto because I’m not a fan of the high pitch from sopranos, and also all the prejudice about soprano recorders being a children’s instrument, but mostly because I like the sounds of the Alto and Tenor recorder, I didn’t pick the Tenor cos my hands are small so I thought it would be difficult to start with such a large flute.

I actually want to learn the irish whistles since I absolutely love Irish/folk music. Unfortunally, they are not very well known here so I will have to learn it by myself. Another problem is that I can’t find these whistles to buy anywhere here in Brasil, even worse if I want a low whistle. So recently I bought a Susato Oriole Bb and plan to start watching videos to start learning. I’m not sure if it was the best idea to start with a Bb Whistle instead of a D, but I like the sound of that one much better.