Mark Conely

Hello all. Im Mark, a rather old guy from Caro Michigan in the states. I played guitar off after I found my brothers guitar in a closet packed away where he didnt play it. Never got truly great but cross picked etc… I started playing the Irish Whistle after an accident that left me dissabled. It gave my mind something to hold on too. I now teach the basics to several students while Im still learning the finer bits of playing.

If anyones near me let me know maybe we could get together to play.

As of February 2020 I have nearly 2 full set of saprano whistles, three alto whistles and two tennor low D’s. My first low whistle was a Reyburn low D that I am really disappointed with. My second I ordered Jan 30 2020 from kerry whistles, custom low D that hasnt come yet. Im consentrating on low whistles right now and looking for a good low C. Any thoughts on that are welcome. My wife and I play together at our church and at home. She plays mostly melody and I harmonies. Shes still learning to be trully fluent but when we play together we compliment each other so most dont realise shes a fairly new player. I am looking for good songs for low whistles right now. Also love any from high G to alto G also. Im not a professional and probably wont ever be but I love playing.